Top 8 things to know about Bryte Balance in your hotel.

  1. Your guest will access the Bryte web app by scanning a QR code placed on both nightstands.
  2. Each sleeper has the ability to customize the firmness, wake assist, and use Somnify on their own side.
  3. Each sleeper can choose to input their email to receive a report on their sleep the next morning. (total sleep time, sleep stages, sleep efficiency, etc)
  4. Bryte Balance uses Rebalancing technology to proactively alleviate pressure points by actively readjusting its coils to help guests stay asleep throughout the night. 
  5. Bryte Balance offers a multi-sensory relaxation experience by synchronizing sleep-inducing sounds with movement beneath your body to relax you and gently soothe your guest to sleep. (sound or motion can be run on its own as well)
  6. The Bryte Balance mattress must be plugged in at all times to operate.
    1. Ensure that the green light is illuminated on the power brick if you are unsure if the mattress is receiving power.
  7. The Bryte Balance must stay connected to WiFi at all times to provide an optimal guest experience.
    1. The mattress will still rebalance and maintain preferred firmness if the WiFi goes down. However, the guest will be unable to make any firmness changes, run Somnify, or set a wake assist if the WiFi is down.
  8. The setup process is streamlined and simple. View here.