IT - Top 5 things you need to know about Bryte Balance in your hotel.

  1. The Bryte Balance must maintain a connection to WiFi at all times.
  2. The mattress will still rebalance and maintain preferred firmness if the WiFi goes down. The guest will be unable to make any firmness changes, run Somnify, or set a wake assist if the WiFi is down.
  3. Bryte recommends a dedicated network for its mattresses. The network must not have a splash page and must be password protected. See IT requirements here.
  4. Bryte will leave an Admin App tablet for your use. This app can do the following:
    1. View the online/offline status of each room.
    2. Change bed location, if you ever need to move the mattress to a different room.
    3. Change bed wifi, if you ever change wifi network.
    4. Run health check diagnostic on the mattress.
    5. Upload logs from the mattress for Bryte to assess.
    6. Factory reset mattress.
  5. Bryte maintains privacy with all guests, no personal information is ever stored unless a guest chooses to create a Bryte account.