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How to remove and replace the textiles

The top textiles to the bed can be removed and washed or replaced. This article shows you the steps.

How to replace textiles:


The bed topper textile should only be replaced if it becomes very dirty or unsightly.    


Should you need to replace the textiles, there are 2 sheets that zipper onto the top mattress. Your hotel should have 1 set in storage for replacement. If not, please email or call our customer service team:               



To replace them, please follow the instructions below:                        

  • Locate the zipper on the left side of the bed (when you’re standing at the foot) Unzip and remove
  • Line new textile zipper up with bottom textile zipper
  • Zip-around the bed, ensuring all 4 corners are snugly in place 

Repeat for both sheets that zip onto the top mattress.

You may watch this short video to view how.