Bryte Balance Hotel FAQs

Operational FAQ:

  • What happens if the bed loses power?
    • The bed will stay at the setting it was set to, but will not have rebalancing or the ability to use the features through the app.
  • What happens if it disconnects from wifi?
    • The bed will still rebalance throughout the night and stay at its setting, but the guest will not be able to make changes or use Somnify.
  • Can guests choose to control the entire bed?
    • Yes! Your guest will have the option to control the left, right, or both sides during the setup process.
  • What does the setup process look like? Is it user-friendly?
    • We strive to make our guest app as user-friendly as possible. Click here to view the setup process.
  • If a guest receives an error code, what should they do?
    • Ask them to refresh the page, if that does not work, they should rescan the QR code.